Il tempo invecchia in fretta, Torino

Il tempo invecchia in fretta
10 years of Association 22:37
curated by Zara Audiello

opening Nov 2nd at 7pm
Nov 2–11, 2019
Fusion Art Gallery / Inaudita
piazza Peyron 9g, Torino

Rebecca Agnes, Francesca Arri, Annalisa Cattani, Barbara Fragogna, Stefania Galegati, Manuela Macco, Stefania Migliorati, Giancarlo Norese, Penzo+Fiore, Alice Pedroletti, Guido Salvini.

Association 22:37 was born in 2009 from the meeting of young curators and artists with a shared interest in artistic production and curatorial practice in the European contexts. Network and mobility are the main features of 22:37 whose work has developed mainly in the cities of Milan, Berlin, Barcelona, Venice and Belgrade. In these 10 years of activity variable members of the team are (were) Zara Audiello, Stefania Migliorati, Silvia Giorgetti, Roberta Coletto, Rebecca Agnes, Marta Ferretti, Luís Miguel De Matos.

The celebration of the 10 years of the association involves not only artists who have previously worked with 22:37, but it also opens up to new collaborations. The artists involved in the exhibition have in common the fact that their own artistic activity is accompanied by a more complex cultural activity that ranges from curatorship to criticism and associationism.
With il tempo invecchia in fretta Association 22:37 takes the opportunity to thank all those who have collaborated in its activities in these 10 years.

G.N., Tempo libero, 1992-2019