My most recent paintings are reflecting on the shift of the meaning of popular words like “labour”, “work”, “money”, including the change in the relations between mankind and economy. So if we say “work”, it’s probably not the same thing that used to be meant by our grands. I think we can now read in a new way that old pamphlet written by K. Malevic about the concepts of “laziness”, truth and liberty.

Serie IBAN, 2017

I’ve chosen a young, beardless Karl Marx as the same subject for these paintings. The first three portraits I made are overlapped on the same canvas, one over the other, deleting the previous ones. Sometimes I mount them in exhibitions as if they were sculptures. I like the forces of invisibility, especially in painting.

Schermata 2015-12-30 alle 19.01.52
Marxxx, 2015. Oil on canvas, 65×65 cm
Three portraits of the beardless young Marx, overlapped
Schermata 2015-12-30 alle 19.02.10
Marxxx (first layer), 2015
Red Marx with hammer and no sickle, 2015 (at Galerie Daniel Boeri, Monaco, 2017)
Schermata 2015-12-29 alle 00.37.22
Marx Exoskeleton, 2015. Oil on canvas board, 40×30 cm
Schermata 2015-12-30 alle 19.04.54
Superstructure, Castello di Abbiategrasso, Milano, 2015
Quadrati verdi, oil on old documents, 2015