Artist’s alphabet, Roma

mulThe project arises from a visit at Luca Pancrazzi’s studio in Milan in May 2015, but starts taking shape after summer break in mid september.

The ALPHABET consists of 26 letters (classical latin alphabet), each one interpreted by a different artist. The letters are printed in offset on white 130g Old Mill paper, A3 format, in 100 pieces signed and numbered on the back.

It is an open project meaning that in the future a letter may be reinterpreted by a different artist. There will be an exhibition including a catalogue featuring the first complete alphabet.

The artists who took part in the alphabet are Italian and from abroad. The first to participate is Max Renkel followed by Jonathan Monk, Cesare Pietroiusti, Martin Soto Climent, David Schutter, Rä Di Martino, Giancarlo Norese and many others.

Materia, multipli d’artista,