"new (art) order." released Feb., 2013

“a certain number of books.” new edition:
2. new (art) order

A comic-book, a parody about the milanese artworld (with e.t. aliens): we commissioned a young novelist to write a story that will be illustrated by 12 different artists. We didn’t want to invite professional cartoonists, but rather some visual artists who often use the technique of drawing in their art practice.
We asked each artist to draw a couple of pages, so that it is one story, but when you leaf through the book every 2 pages has different drawings, as if there were different actors and directors working at the same script.

Giancarlo Norese and Luca Scarabelli (ed. by): “new (art) order.”
With drawings by Cuoghi Corsello, Luca Bertolo, Olinsky, Cesare Biratoni, Alvise Bittente, Eva Marisaldi, Pierluigi Calignano, Lisa Rampilli, Marco Vaglieri, Giuliano Guatta, Daniele Giunta, Anna Hilti.
Script by Maurizio Temporin, Igor Della Libera.

First edition, February 2013: 120 copies, unnumbered.

Marco Vaglieri