La Festa dei Vivi 3, San Cesario di Lecce

First of all we would like to sincerely thank all those who have sent their words relative to the encounter of November 2nd. We have received hundreds of contributions as well as the feeling of an experience that has been strongly shared. An experience that evokes the limitlessness of a space that belongs to all of us, as well as those that are no longer with us.

Over the day of December 1st, we recorded all the words and sentences sent by the participants, using the old “fresco” technique, on the walls of “Lu Cafausu”. It was a moment of celebration and reflection, as well as an attempt to create a physical space where all the individual stories, references and affects can compose a whole. It also functioned as a homage to “Lu Cafausu”, an “imaginary place that really exists”.
We met on December 1st, 2012, from noon to the sunset, around “Lu Cafausu”.
In early November, people from across the world celebrate the Day of the Dead, remembering those who passed away and often visiting their graves. In one way or another, we all try to establish contact with our loved ones, and sometimes we consider our own common and mortal destiny, therefore reflecting upon death in general.
On occasion of the 3rd edition of “The Celebration of the Living (who reflect upon death)”, we have proposed a collective action, open to everyone, which has been held in different places at the same time. Each participant has met his/her loved ones, friends and relatives who passed away. Everyone has tried to imagine and configure the right way to get in touch with the dead either through ritual, gesture, or thought.
A plurality of people was in contact, at exactly the same moment, with others who are no longer with us. This created a shared space of life and death. A space between they, the dead, and we, the living, who share their destiny of finitude.
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Thanks to Marsèlleria for its support and for making this event possible.
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