Urban Play, Beijing

Eyewitness, 2011.
Video loop, advertising, hole.
Installation at the Landgent Center, Beijing

Eyewitness, 2011 (detail)

The Landgent Center is pleased to announce the opening of Urban Play- Site-specific Public Art Exhibition on Nov. 17, 2011.

Featuring installations, videos, performances, dance, as well as sound art by fourteen artists from China and abroad, “Urban Play” attempts to challenge the stereotypes of public art and to reflect on the diversity and dynamics of contemporary art beyond the institutional framework.

“I would like to think of the exhibition as a small-scale, alternative approach designed to investigate and discuss the urban reality in which we live.” says the curator Tang Zehui. Over the past three months, artists have been working on-site in the Landgent Center—a complex including office buildings, a shopping mall, subway station and plaza—investigating its cultural and social, as well as physical, conditions from each of their own perspectives.

“In this exhibition art does not come down to the street, but rather is growing from there. The works are initiated by the artists but they interact, interweave and grow together with existing lifestyles and social textures in the area, rather than imposing upon them.”

“Urban Play” is of free admission, on view through Dec. 25.

Participating artists 参展艺术家名单:
Tiffany Hambley (澳大利亚)
连国栋+雷琰+刘正+Amy Grubb-Han (英国)
Giancarlo Norese(意大利)
Andrew Toland (澳大利亚)
Gerlind Zeilner (奥地利)

Strong Electricity Room, 2011.
Modified door

“都市戏剧——情境特定公共艺术展” 11月17日在乐成中心拉开序幕。这是当代艺术在城市 公共空间的一次创新实践,也是以艺术的方式对我们生活其中的都市现实所作的一次有针 对性探讨。

据策展人唐泽慧介绍,本次展览参展的十一个艺术家和艺术团体来自中国、英国、奥地 利、意大利和澳大利亚五个国家,在长达三个月的时间里,他们对乐成中心这个包括写字楼、 商业中心、广场和地铁站在内的都市综合体深入考察,并在此基础上为它量身定制十一件艺 术品,如同社会学家做田野调查一样,十一个艺术家和艺术团体从各自的背景和视角出发, 对作为都市典型环境的乐成中心的空间特征、社会情境和文化形态进行考察,考察的结果以 艺术的方式呈现出来,涵盖建筑装置、雕塑、影像、舞蹈、行为、声音艺术等各种艺术形态。 “这些艺术作品不是以一种居高临下的姿态降临这里,而是从这里生长出来,与这里固有 的生活形态和社会肌理相互交织、缠绕,共同生长,而不是单方面的介入。”

Strong Electricity Room, 2011.
Modified door, locksmith