Vorrei e potrei. Picnic

I’d like and I could is a collection of ideas for a possible future city which takes shape in three simple actions: a postcard, a picnic and putting up posters.

With a postcard everyone is invited to express what they would like from a future town and what could be done to make it possible.
With a picnic – on 18th July in Santarcangelo – citizens, spectators, administrators and kids are invited to discuss the proposals and, together, choose a few phrases to print on the Santarcangelo 40 posters.
Lastly, by sticking up the posters in the streets and public places, the collected ideas of towns will remain visible to everybody as memory and an invitation to future dialogue.

Sguscio is an open research group founded by Ofelia Bartolucci and Silvia Bottiroli in 2009. It operates in public spaces through artistic, critical and curatorial projects, seeking new codes of relationship between space, collectivity and the individual.

I’d like and I could, curated by Ofelia Bartolucci and Silvia Bottiroli with the collaboration of Marco Smacchia, is produced by Sguscio and Santarcangelo 40 International Street Theatre Festival. Thanks go to Giancarlo Norese for the exchange of ideas.

July 18th, 2010 at 6pm
Santarcangelo 40
Festival Internazionale del Teatro in piazza
Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy



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