Abbasso l’Italia (cd cover), Castel San Pietro Terme

Abbasso l’Italia, cd cover with scores
for mobile phones, 2003

F.A.Q. frequently asked questions
XVI edizione della rassegna di arte contemporanea

sulla strada
cur. by Gino Gianuizzi and Mauro Manara

supported by Comune di Castel San Pietro Terme, Associazione culturale Pneuma, neon>campobase

november 2 to 30, 2003

Contemporary art has initiated for some years now a critical course and a research dynamic that questions the autonomy of art regarding the self-sufficiency of the work and as self-reference of meaning.

By this moment, in practice, it is put in doubt that art is able to take care of itself, favouring instead an interpretation and a practice that makes Contemporary Art a medium of Communication and a way of interpersonal relationships. This way comes attributed a role of major relevance and stronger responsibility for the spectator and a change of expository displays and their report with the traditional containers.
We are assisting a proliferation of art exhibits performed outside the official, standardized sites: shows are running in subway and train stations, works that occupy the advertisement spaces, that circulate by bus, or that find their own place in the supermarket… In all those places where people move themselves in their everyday life and where the interaction with the public is thought as more appetizing, searching for an interlocutor less and less expert, only valuated by his numeric number, vitalizing this way a parallel course to Contemporary Art, stimulating and qualified, in the direction of what is defined as ‘Public Art’.

In this sphere of inquiry we also find inserted the F.A.Q. project, in programme at Castel San Pietro Terme (Bologna) from 2 to 30 November, 2003, by occasion of the XVI Edition of Rassegna di Arte
F.A.Q. stands for frequently asked questions: a support to the use of programmes and applications well known to whom ever uses a computer; In this case, we became appropriate of the term to allude the frequently asked questions each one poses to himself, unexpressed questions because they’re so frequent, and as such, thought as banal, useless, already said and heard, in a word, vain.
F.A.Q. is a project that displaces the show outside the official places, in a space that it’s in itself where we find articulated a city’s life, without the white walls, without the ceremony of passing the threshold, introducing the visitor in a different world regarding the one of his daily life existence.

The invited artists show their works on the streets of Castel San Pietro, using as interface PVC urban banners, dimensions 4m x 1m, that will come suspended on via Cavour and on via Matteotti, or by sound installation, on air in all the historical center of the city.

artists: Fabrizio Basso, Isabella Bordoni, Carlesso Carlesso, Cuoghi Corsello, Emilio Fantin, Alberto Garutti, Dimitris Kozaris, Lorenza Lucchi Basili, M+M, Eva Marisaldi, Fabio Mauri, Maurizio Mercuri, Dörte Meyer, Giancarlo Norese, Luca Pancrazzi, Alberta Pellacani e Ivan Valentini, Cesare Pietroiusti, Marco Samoré, Susanna Scarpa, Saura Sermenghi, Gian Domenico Sozzi, Alessandra Spranzi, Sabrina Torelli, Tommaso Tozzi, Tu’m, Marco Vaglieri, Maurizio Vetrugno, Alberto Zanazzo, Zimmerfrei.